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Sawing can be done either vertically or horizontally. Vertical sawing can cut larger materials because of the way the sawing machine moves and how the material is positioned and therefore has greater flexibility in producing bigger products. Horizontal sawing allows the use of angular cuts and is generally used to saw steel and other hard materials. We use only the best equipment and employs only the best professionals in sawing to ensure customer satisfaction. Orsolini welding Fabricators is also metal cutting service with many years of experience in metal cutting as well as all types of materials. Sawing and cutting difficult jobs has been our forte, doing cutting and sawing jobs that other machine shops won’t consider. Whether it is metal sawing shapes or production metal sawing on short or long runs, we do it all. We use band saws, blades and coolants and are the authority when it is time for you to order your next production run or any metal sawing application.



An integral part of our capacities at Orsolini Welding Fabricators is shearing and forming. We are able to supply our customers and ourselves the ability to bend many different sizes and shapes of materials. You can rely on our forming department to produce parts to the required tolerance with ease using automated backstops as well CNC controllers. We can bend supplied material or cut material and supply your company with packages ready for fabrication
In our Shearing Department we have the capacity to Shear up to 10′ long with a maximum thickness of 3/8″. Our typical Shear and Brake work consists of manufacturing Stair pans, Door Jamb Channels Etc. We will cut customers material to sizes specified including Wire Mesh, Expanded Metal and Perforated Sheet.



Another service we can offer is custom fabricated stair treads and stair pan risers, including pans with a sanitary cove. Since we stock our material right on our floor, we are able to fill orders in a matter of days, faster if required. Our metal stair pans and stair treads can be fabricated to your exact specifications. Let our customer service department assist in your next stair job.Other commonly used Formed steel shapes used in manufacturing and construction include:Equipment parts, tension rails, loading dock levelers, landing pans, concrete pour stop, lintels, building corner guards, equipment framing, building enclosures, purlins, girts, sub-girts, door jambs, pipe guards, equipment guards, expansion joint covers, tanks, drip pans and trays.We can work with materials ranging from hot rolled and cold rolled steel, stainless steel, aluminum, pre-galvanized steel, copper, brass and more. Let us know how we can help you with your shearing and forming requirements.



Our shop is capable of fabricating complex coil assemblies along with coils of a less complicated design. For more than 40 years, we have satisfied the bending, coiling, and rolling needs of our customers in a variety of industries including petro-chemical, agricultural, food processing, and refrigeration.If you need a company in the Chicago area who you can trust for all of your bending, coiling, and fabricating needs, we encourage you to contact us today. We are known across the nation for offering quality work that is unsurpassed, while still helping our clients meet all of their needs. We pride ourselves on offering realistic production schedules that do not compromise our quality standards—saving both time and money.



If you want parts fast, then we have what you are looking for. Our 260 amp Hypertherm plasma complete with 6’ x 20’ cutting table allow us to power through parts requests. With the ability to cut up to 1-1/2” material we can cut at rapid speeds for parts that don’t require the accuracy of a Waterjet. In-house we use the plasma to fabricate clips, gussets, base plates, end caps, toolbox bodies and doors, lifting lugs and pretty much any shape you can think of. At your request, we will mark part numbers and heat numbers either by hand with a paint marker or with our machines using their etching features.You can depend on our CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Burning Department to quickly cut finished parts to your specifications. Our dedicated burning specialists are experienced in doing take-offs and drawings using the latest CAD/CAM software.



Welding is considered part of fabrication. It’s the process of joining materials by melting and cooling filler material between work pieces. At Orsolini’s we think of it as an important and essential skill. We can weld steel, stainless steel, aluminum, Inconel®, and all exotic metals.Effortless and seamless best describes our welding talent. We have the best MIG, TIG, , STICK and SMAW welders on our team. What do you need welded.

This a process that uses a wire spool to feed wire to the joint and has a bottle of gas that flows from the machine to the welding handle to protect the weld from the air around it

2) WHAT IS TUNGSTEN ARC WELDING?(TIG). This a torch that has a gas flowing through it with a non consumable rod made of tungsten that heats the metal and the filler metal is held in the other hand and manually added when needed.



Today’s modern fabricator is using an automated beam drill line capable of processing the thickest jumbo columns, heaviest beams and thickest base plates faster. When we automate your processes using with the CNC Drill Line we will lower your processing time, eliminate secondary processes and increase capabilities.The standard beam line is 60 ft long by 11 ft wide, and takes up no more space than regular mag drilling. It will completely eliminate your layout and convert your electronic data direct from CAD files via networked computers.This Automated Beam Drill Line can process steel sections of any thickness and makes quick work of jumbo beams, ensuring we can tackle the widest variety of projects.The versatility of this CNC system can be exhibited when processing the following typical applications:

Flange drilling
Web drilling
Automatic sequencing from one section to the next
Plate detail
Structural tubes



We have a full spectrum of automated Structural Steel equipment that assures precision metal fabrication and timely delivery for any size job.FICEP A162TOur new FICEP CNC Angle line provides you with state of the art processing of Angles and Flat Bars. This equipment gives us the capability to efficiently transform stock material into finished parts in one CNC controlled operation. The design of this machine also allows us to manufacture close tolerance parts in order to consistently meet or exceed your expectations.
The Ficep CNC angle line solution gives you the opportunity to not only process angle but also channels and flats! The Ficep angle line systems typically eliminates the manual layout and automates the production of holes, notches, part marking and cutting of the finished part to length! The A162 Ficep angle line offers the following capabilities: Punching
Programmable Miter Shearing of Flats
Programmable Notching and Marking



As the popularity of using curved steel in the building industry has risen, so has the need for shops that specialize in bending and rolling steel. With our years of experience, we’ve succeeded in creating a niche for ourselves within the fabricating industry by developing an expertise in spirals and other complicated shapes.Our formula for doing so has been rather simple: find the right equipment, hire the right people, add a touch of innovation, then do what it takes to get the job done.Examples of our previous projects include spirals, bends or rolled steel can certainly create a new dimension to an otherwise ordinary design. Having the right shop bending or rolling the steel to arches, curves or other shapes can also lessen the concerns in making design decisions involving complex curves, bends or rolls.
We have capabilities in spiraling plates, tubes, beams, and channel. We also have conical rolling capabilities on tubes plates, beams, and channels.



The fact that we have been installing all of our steel fabrications all around the Midwest for many years has given us years of experience with lifting and rigging. We have developed a great reputation for getting the job done! Whether we provide crane services with our own fleet or we work with a long list of equipment provider’s in the area, Our Customers can always count on the best possible outcome! Equipment available from large to small

Expert operators for the tough jobs

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